Green Building

"Green" Building: Our latest Feature Project is our Rastra home built almost entirely from recycled materials.

Ask us about the wide variety of green building materials available today.

Energy Savers

Energy Savers: Take a look at geothermal heating and other energy-efficient ideas. Let us help you incorporate these money saving products in your home.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our design team is headed up by owner Randy Thoreson. Randy has been designing homes and commercial buildings for over 36 years. His projects have included restaurants, custom homes, intricate remodels, custom stone fireplaces, kitchens, baths and all manner of woodworking.

The building team is headed up by Randy and Tim Piehl, who has been overseeing the construction process. Tim is the guy responsible for making sure all the custom designing work is carried out to specs.

Randy and Tim provide complete construction management services but welcome owner involvement at any level. We are well known in the community for our continual use and eagerness to try new materials and methods of building to meet the increasing demand for "green" built homes.